Supraumbilical hernia

A supraumbilical hernia is a hernia just above the bellybutton.  The bellybutton skin is often normally tethered but then bulges out on its top side. A supraumbilical hernia is actually a specific type of epigastric hernia rather than a type of umbilical hernia. Supraumbilical hernias are very unlikely to repair themselves at any age and surgical correction is usually recommended.

Post-operative care

We recommend no baths or showers for 2 days after the operation and then return to normal baths and showers.  There is a clear, waterproof dressing over the incision which is inside the umbilicus. This will fall off of its own accord and does not need to be replaced.  The stitches are dissolving stiches.  They are under the skin and do not need to be removed. Return to all normal activities e.g swimming and sports after 10 days.