A hydrocoele occurs when fluid from the abdomen tracks down through the inguinal canal down into the scrotum. This is due to the fact that a tract persists after the normal descent of the testis.  Hydrocoeles are very common in babies and most of them will resolve spontaneously by about 1 year of age. If a hydrocoele is still present at age 18 months or 2 years it is very unlikely to resolve spontaneously and the recommendation is a surgical correction via an inguinal herniotomy. Hydrocoeles are usually neither sore nor tender, in fact is most boys they are usually completely asymptomatic. Although the fluid in a hydrocoele is clear, it is quite common for the scrotum to look a little bluish. A hydrocoele needs to be distinguished from an inguinal hernia which may also present as a swelling of the scrotum.

Inguinal herniotomy - Post op care

We recommend no baths or showers for 2 days after the operation and then return to normal baths and showers. There is a clear, waterproof dressing over the groin incision. This will fall off of its own accord and does not need to be replaced. The stitches are dissolving stiches. They are under the skin and do not need to be removed. Return to all normal activities e.g swimming and sports after 10 days.