Our Philosophy and Values

Our Vision

A team of dedicated surgeons working together to ensure the best outcome for your child. Your child’s care will be allocated to the best person for your child’s needs within our surgical team.  You will have peace of mind with continuity of care by a highly skilled and specialized team, for both public and private patients.

Our Mission

To provide accessible, prompt, exceptional and compassionate surgical care to children.

Care and Dedication

Our team is proud of our family centred approach. We understand your stresses and seek to provide confidence and comfort in our care to your child through education, dedication and technically excellent service.


As a team we are able to provide continuous care. While you will primarily be cared for by one surgeon our teamwork ensures that should they be unavailable another member of the team can ensure prompt accessible care.

Technological Innovation

All of our team use advanced minimally invasive techniques to minimize the future impact of your child’s surgery. We continue to enhance these techniques. We have travelled to other centers  to perform surgery and have received many interstate and overseas patients due to this unique skill set.


We have a team approach and often consult and confer with each other regarding unusual or complex conditions. For difficult cases we ensure that at least two surgeons within our team are present for your child’s surgery.  The specialist anaesthetist who administers anaesthesia for your child’s surgery is a critical member of the surgical team. As such only anaesthetists with extensive training and practice within paediatric anaesthesia will care for your child. Finally we recognize the child and their family as integral members of our team.


All our team members are actively involved in both undergraduate and post graduate teaching through the University of Sydney and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.  We believe in progressing our specialty through teaching and research and as a group have authored in excess of 80 publications in major paediatric surgical textbooks and peer reviewed journals. We are regularly  invited to give lectures both nationally and internationally.