What We Do

Paediatric surgeons are highly specialized doctors who have trained for an extended period of time. We have mastered difficult technical skills and integrated them with a deep understanding of the unique anatomy, physiology, development and psychological needs of babies, children and adolescents.

The surgeries performed by paediatric surgeons are wide ranging and apart from routine surgery we deal with complex thoracic, oncology, gastrointestinal and liver. At Total Paediatric Surgery we have all attained further international training to sub-specialize in many of these complex areas of childhood surgical problems. As a team we are able to offer a unique highly specialized approach to all potential surgical problems starting from before your child is born through to babies, infants, children and adolescents.

We are passionate in the provision of care to our patients and are aware of their tremendous capacity for healing. We are privileged to have watched many patients grow and are aware of the impact that many conditions can have on the life of a developing child. We are constantly striving to improve the future lives of our patients with new innovative and minimally advanced techniques.